Ladies' shoes with elegance, comfort, and high quality …

about Spiga

Spiga ladies’ shoes makes  you bright

Spiga has delivered  the trendy Ladies’ Shoes for over 30 years to all over the world . Even in casual to formal , We aer particular about to provide in a quality worthy of the name ” MADE IN JAPAN ” , the comfortable shoes and trendy elegant .

In recent years, the progress of globalization , the ratio of overseas production is becoming more and more in the manufacturing industry . We also have overseas production part , but there is no compromise in the maintenance of quality . In the production of home and abroad , I have to cherish the heart of polite making things of the craftsman ( craftsmanship ) . To that end , dispatched employees to overseas factories that are affiliated , check the quality and process , we are enlightenment of craftsmanship .

Able to produce the shoes functional and easy to wear , even while focusing on fashion by the material and sophisticated design . That it captured the hearts of women at all times , and a manufacturer and brighten a woman . That is the wish of Spiga .


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